Why Sewing is an Important Process in Reusable PP Shopping Bag Manufacturing

Reusable bags are extremely popular, both for businesses and consumers. The thing that makes PP shopping bags so useful is the fact that they are so durable – this is what allows them to be used over and over again without noticeable wear or tear. If a poor job is done in any step of the manufacturing process, the bag would not be anywhere near as durable, which is why it’s important to go with an established manufacturer that has other happy clients. The most important step in the production process that relates to durability is the step that involves sewing. Everything from the quality of the sewing yarn material, to the straightness of the line, to the quality of the stitching will have an effect on the overall durability of the bag.

The quality of the sewing yarn material is a very important factor in the overall quality of the PP shopping bags. If the yarn is weak, then it can lead to tears in the middle of the base of the bag where the majority of the weight rests, as well as tearing of the handles. If the yarn material is high quality, and has been woven to an acceptable thickness, these problems will not usually occur. Also, some yarn materials are too rough to hold ink prints, which is not good for shopping bags. PP bags use a yarn material that is great for displaying prints, logos, and other color patterns.

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This may seem like a simple issue, but it is important that a reusable shopping bag is sewn with straight lines, as well as straight edges on each of the corners. If the lines are even just a few millimeters off on the edges, this can lead to overlap that could deform the bag. Quality PP shopping bags have each line exactly straight so that each seam matches up perfectly. Also, if the sewing is not straight, this could lead to distorted images on the side of the bag – straight sewing will ensure that the image remains clear and easy to see without being stretched or bent.

As mentioned above, the overall strength of the shopping bag depends on the sewing quality. One of the most important places where high quality sewing is required is at the seams. Unlike the tears that would be caused by inadequate yarn material, the tears caused by improper seams would include tears at corners, or the handles coming off of the bag completely. With meticulous stitching and sewing at the seams, these problems can be avoided. Such error free sewing is how Polypropylene bags are able to stay so durable for such a long period of time.

As you can see, there are many ways in which sewing is a very important part of the PP shopping bag manufacturing process. While it is important, there is much more that goes into making such high quality shopping bags – each of these steps, including sewing, make PP bags a quality product that is truly worthwhile.

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By Rusty