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Differentiating Between High Quality and Low Quality PP Shopping Bags

Differentiating Between High Quality and Low Quality PP Shopping Bags

If you’re a business who is using PP shopping bags, or a consumer who is purchasing PP woven handbags, you want to make sure that you are getting a high quality product that will last for a long time without much visible wear and tear. If the bag is not made to the utmost standards, then there is a decent chance that it will break after only moderate usage. By learning how to tell the difference between high quality and low quality PP bags, you can save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run.

One aspect that can easily differentiate between a high quality and a low quality PP shopping bag is the sewing. Check the seams and make sure that they are firmly attached, and that they appear to run straight. Any signs of tears or uneven sewing will lead to more problems in the future. Also, look at the lines that run across the material and see if they are straight as well. The quality of the thread material will play out in how much weight the bag can carry as well as how many uses it will stay in good condition for. Also, don’t forget to check the quality of the sewing in the handles. This is an easily overlooked aspect that is just as important for overall bag durability, as handles carry a large portion of the stress.

Another obvious sign that differentiates between high quality PP shopping bags and low quality ones is the image and coloration. If made correctly, the bags should hold color well and images should not be distorted or blurred, nor should they run when wet. If this happens, there is either a problem with the material or a problem with the ink, or the way that it was applied. Business owners do not want their advertising logos to run off of their bags, and consumers don’t want bags that look worse each time they use them, so it is important to ensure that your PP woven shopping bags are high quality in this regard.

Also important is the quality of the lamination. This does not apply in all cases, as some clients choose to order bags without any sort of coating. However, if there is a coating it is important that it is examined carefully for quality. If there are any air bubbles or rips in the coating, this could cause the lamination to start peeling early on which creates an unsightly bag. One should look for coatings that are applied firmly. Basically, the harder it is to tell that a bag is laminated, the better. Secure coating will help ensure the bag is in a usable state for a longer period of time.

If you are considering using PP shopping bags, it is imperative that you check these aspects of the bag for quality. By taking a few minutes to look at the quality before purchasing, you can ensure that you will have made a good decision, whether you are a business owner or a consumer.…

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How to Use Promotional Bags to Market Your Business

How to Use Promotional Bags to Market Your Business

If you are looking to put your business name, logo and company message in front of a lot of people then promotional bags can be the perfect method. Not only will your name be exposed to those members of the public who you give out your bags to, but it will also be displayed in front of an enormously varied audience when they are carried around. Your business name could be displayed in front of a demographic of people that you would not normal come in contact with, and who could end up being a whole new target audience for your product.

Retail stores

Many retail stores use promotional bags, not just to advertise their business but to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to using plastic bags. The majority of the large supermarket chains have promotional bags and strongly encourage the use of them. Some supermarkets even charge for plastic bags to further encourage customers to use environmentally friendly bags. For smaller retail stores having a great looking reusable bag is a clever way to keep their customers remembering them and spread their name out to a wider audience.

Trade shows

If your business or company has stalls at trade shows then having promotional bags is a great idea. Instead of just handing out brochures or flyers, put your advertising material in a promotional bag and hand this out instead. Not only will it make it easier for your potential clients they will also be carrying around an advertisement for your product all around the show.

Product launches

If your store or company has a new product to launch why not have give aways or information on the product packaged up neatly in a promotional bag. Everybody likes being given something for free, even if it is just a bag with information. Depending on your budget you may want to give away a bag that is great to keep and use again.


Be creative with your advertising and think about who uses bags. Sporting teams make a great sponsorship investment, particularly if it is your local team. You will be doing your community a favour as well as getting your business message out there. Why not provide the team with backpacks or sports bags, all emblazoned with your company logo. All sports require some kind of equipment, even if it is just the uniform or shoes, and a sports bag will most certainly be used. Having a whole team of players carrying your bags will make a definite statement.


Depending on your product you may want to provide bags to local schools, which could be used as library bags or sports bags. If your product relates to children then better still.

A must have item

A lot of large companies even sell their promotional bags. These are generally companies that are well known and their products have an element of status, or are considered trendy brands, in particular, companies like surf or sport brands. If you can produce a bag that becomes a ‘must have’ item then you will be in great business company.…

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Great Reasons to Hire a Suit

Great Reasons to Hire a Suit

First impressions count, so it is important to not let yourself down by wearing a low quality suit to your job interview, networking meeting or wedding. However, buying a decent new suit can cost an arm and a leg, but don’t despair, you don’t have to allow yourself to be limited by your budget. Instead of buying, you can rent a suit for a fraction of the cost of a new one and still give the impression you want to give in order get your dream job, win over an important client or catch the eye of a bridesmaid at your best mate’s wedding. Buying a decent suit can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds and for one off events like weddings this a terrible waste of money to wear it once and then have it sitting in the wardrobe for ever more.

You can mix up your styles

There are many different styles of suit and each one is appropriate for a different occasion, a dinner jacket for example would not be appropriate for a job interview or general business meeting. If you find yourself in a situation where you need a suit for a variety of events such as networking meetings then hiring one may well be the answer as buying a number of suits will prove costly indeed. Obviously if you do this sort of thing frequently you would otherwise have to buy a large variety of suit styles, that’s before you make any attempt to keep up to date with fashions regarding suit styles.

You will receive valuable advice

All you may expect a company that specialises in suit hire will be experts in their field, as they will be hiring out high quality suits on a daily basis for any number of clients and occasions. As such they will be ideally suited (no pun intended) to guiding you when deciding what suit would be appropriate for your event. They will also be able to advise on what would best suit your size and shape, whether a waistcoat would be appropriate and keep you appraised on the latest fashions and styles.

They come with accessories

Most good suit hire companies can also provide accessories in addition to the suit, so your shoes, cuff links, tie etc will be available as well so you can get the whole ensemble in one place with the minimum of fuss.…

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5 Reasons to Fashion Shop Online

5 Reasons to Fashion Shop Online

When the Internet was young, people didn’t shop online. There were many reasons for this; not least because the general public didn’t have a clue how to use the Internet (or indeed a computer), but also horror stories of card fraud and identity theft populated the headlines.

Then, with the advent of sites such as Amazon, consumer confidence increased as did their knowledge of how to navigate websites. But it wasn’t until the late 90’s that clothing and fashion websites started to appear.

Having being dismissed as a potential online business model, clothes shops began proving that people ARE willing to buy their t-shirts, jeans and whatever else through websites, and not just in-store. This paved the way for a great many websites offering their products online, and with it, a shedload of consumer advantages…

Shopping for clothes online is brilliant because:

1) You can browse all the brands under the sun in the space of 30 minutes – which would certainly take you all day on the high street!

2) Comparison shopping has been made much easier, with the introduction of specially designed websites that compile regularly updated lists of new products and where to find them at their cheapest prices.

3) Giving away your e-mail address to a mailing list gives you regular access to offers and news. This is better than receiving it through the post as it’s more up to date and is more environmentally friendly.

4) Short of actually trying the clothes on, more and more websites are allowing users high quality pictures and even 3D renditions of the items.

5) It’s extremely convenient and there is no hard-sell. You can bookmark special items, share them on social networks and add them to wish lists.

Shopping online gives added value for a whole host of other reasons, including larger sale sections and much more choice – so get off the high street and in front of your computer!…

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Bags That Will Help Your Business

Bags That Will Help Your Business

It may be surpassing to many of us that one of the most diverse marketing products available, is the humble bag. Having taken on many diverse forms, shapes and purposes, a bag can expose people who have never heard of you, to your bran; can remind old shoppers to visit again; and can create a special feeling of nostalgia or excitement. While this may sound far-fetched to many of you, think about what you get your lunch in, what you carry your gym clothes or umbrella in, and how you feel when you tear open the packaging of jewellery or fine chocolates, printed with a name you recognise. Still not a believer? Here is a list of bags that will improve your businesses’ marketing efforts.

1. Sandwich bags and cross promotion

Each day, tens of millions of people in Australia alone purchase their lunch during the work day. Have you ever stopped to think about the packaging that your food comes in? Have you seen a certain fast food wrapper go past in the hands of someone walking by you, and craved that food? Ever doodled in your lunch bag while eating and finishing work? Why not take advantage of it?

The most popular take away food outlets in corporate areas can be a big opportunity when it comes to marketing. Why not offer to provide the busiest local sandwich bar with all its sandwich paper bags for the year — with a clever message and your brand printed in the front? Think about the reminder of your brand this gives to the large amount of people who eat at that particular location every day. Everyone’s got to eat — so take advantage of it!

2. Green bags

Replacing your plastic shopping bags with a green option is a big bonus when it comes to corporate social responsibility. And with Gen Y more aware of this than any previous generation, a small move like this can differentiate you from your competitors, send a positive message about your brand — and potentially win you more customers!

3. Gift bags and packaging

Ever received jewellery from Tiffanies? A selection of chocolates from Hagues or a fine chocolate maker? An item of designer clothing? Felt the excitement at seeing the bag, even before you open it, simply because you associate the look and feel of the bag with beauty, or elegance or deliciousness?

The gift bags that make up your packaging are a vital marketing tool — a subtle way to build your brand recognition and story, enabling people to match certain feelings with your product or service.

4. Promotional bags

Whether at a fair, instore or just undertaking a special campaign, a promotional bag will often not only be a great way to spread the word, but if designed well, will become a means of transporting gym clothes and other personal items for prospective customers. Given the reusability of these bags, they not only serve to remind the owner of the bag about your brand regularly, but also introduce it to anyone she walks past!…

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How To Buy Men’s Shoes

How To Buy Men’s Shoes

There is a huge variety of different styles of men’s shoes. These vary from sportswear, day to day trainers, beach footwear, home footwear, and footwear to be worn with a suit. While all of these different styles have their own subsections, it is finding and choosing the right pair of smart shoes to be worn with a suit that most men find the more challenging type of shopping.

It can be particularly difficult to choose the ideal pair of smart shoes because of the pressure to get it right. If they will be worn in the office in front of colleagues and for meetings it is essential to make a good impression. When they are to be worn for special occasions the individual wants to look their best and fit in with the required standard of dress.

The most important thing to consider though is comfort. If they will be worn almost every day then they cannot cause sore feet. This will also affect the ability to get on with the job if the individual is in constant discomfort. But if they have not been broken in through regular use can also cause pain, and so finding the right fit is also essential for occasional wearing. Many clubs and bars will not admit men unless they are wearing smart footwear. If going out for the night one doesn’t want their time ruined because of rubbing and blistering or cramped feet.

When considering what style to buy the individual should think about which suit or suits they will be wearing. Finding a pair in similar colour tones to the clothing they will be matched with ensures that it will be easier to blend or mix and match items of dress. Men’s magazines can provide inspiration for the style that is desired or can help to clarify the idea someone already has in their mind.

Prices vary wildly and this can be confusing because they do not necessarily reflect the quality involved. If someone is especially eager to make an impression then designer labels are one way to go. However, unlike with some other items of clothing, smart footwear should be discreet and classy. This means that there will not be logos or labels visible and therefore spending extra money for a branded name will not provide an efficient way to show that a quality label has been purchased.

Some tailors or menswear stores may offer deals on accessories when buying a suit. They can also provide advice about different materials and upkeep. Most will also have fittings services. This is true of even lower price range shops.

Although internet sites can have some great deals, sizes vary and when you can’t try on the purchase there is a risk of not getting the correct fit. Some websites that seem to offer amazing deals might be scams or purely exist for advertising. So do be wary about where you give financial details to.

It is easy to be influenced by current fashions and while this is a fun way to dress bear in mind that these purchases should be lasting. What looks good when seen on the catwalk and in adverts may not be to the individual’s taste in a couple of seasons. Do use fashion tips as a guide to what suits you but if you don’t like something don’t buy it just because it’s temporarily ‘in’.…

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It’s Your Anniversary, And You Don’t Know What To Give?

Okay, your anniversary is coming up, and the truth is that you don’t have the slightest idea of what to get that particular person in your life. And it’s not that you don’t love him or her, it’s just that you can’t think of the right idea that you know would make them go crazy, so how do you find the perfect gift for that special anniversary? 


An anniversary is not just anything. It is the commemoration of that particular date in which, at last, after so much searching and thinking, one finally finds that object that well represents all the love we have for that special someone without whom our lives would not have the same meaning. But, if you are one of those who has no idea what to give to your loved one, we leave you a list of tips that will surely be very useful.


The first advice is, when your anniversary date approaches, the stress increases. You don’t know if you should go big and give him/her a unique anniversary gift that he/she will never forget or take a safer, less public route and think of a romantic detail that will make him/her feel special. In particular, we suggest that you follow the second of the paths.


Yes, the first thing that every mute thinks about is running to the nearest shopping mall and buying something, a book (really?), some chocolates (you could do better, we all know that), flowers (no, please be more creative), a perfume (you are getting better, but you are not there yet). The truth is nothing says, “I love you,” like creating a unique and unforgettable experience for both of you. A memorable trip, that couple’s spa session that you had postponed so much, or the realization of that fantasy as a couple that you had not been able to realize until now. The point is to show your special one that you listen to her/him, that you know her/him, and that you have put effort into creating an unforgettable experience for both of you.


It is not an impossible mission. You have to be attentive to the signs and comments of your partner. If you pay attention to the type of person, she/he is her/his character, tastes, ambitions, and conversations last week. In that case, you will find all the information you need to give her/him a unique anniversary gift that will lead you to be rewarded as you would have never imagined. Listen to her/him when she/he talks to you about the things she/he likes to do, the adventures she/he would like to have. That will give you clues so you can give her/him the perfect gift. If you go to the mall together, pay attention to the sideboards she/he stops by and those things she/he says she/he liked. If you buy them while she/he is busy with other things and then delivers them to her/him at a beautiful romantic dinner or anniversary weekend trip, you will find that you have hit the nail on the head.


The best advice anyone can give you in life: make her/him feel like she is the most special person in your life like there is no one else in the world, be gentle, attentive, chivalrous, romantic, and a little bit daring, that will drive her/him crazy and make both of you enjoy this special occasion enormously.