Skechers Shape Ups – Tone With Every Step

Skechers Shape Ups – Tone With Every Step

If you’ve been looking for a quick, easy way to get in better shape, the newest, hottest trend in exercising-with Skechers Shape Ups-is here to help. Relying on their innovative yet inconspicuous design, Skechers Shape Ups work out and tone muscles groups all over your body every time you walk.

Combining their beneficial effects with the great style and quality Skechers is known for, Shape Ups are the perfect way to add a healthy new habit to your life. Before you purchase your first pair, read on to learn more about everything Skechers Shape Ups have to offer.

How They Work

The unique engineering of Skechers Shape Ups is the secret to their incredible benefits. Put simply, these shoes promote a gait that activates more muscle groups to make the very most of walking. The shoes’ specialized rolling bottom coupled with a layer of super soft foam provide exceptional shock absorption and let the heel sink lower than the arch and rolls the foot forward to push off into each step. This action, while feeling like a more natural way to walk actually stimulates muscles that normal shoes miss.

These special attributes help users work out several muscle groups at the same time without causing fatigue, from back and core muscles which are important for good posture to the often neglected muscles in the buttocks to shape-making muscles in the thighs and calves.

The gentle stimulation of these muscles not only tones them, providing a more shapely silhouette and reducing the appearance of cellulite, but also promotes better blood circulation and burns more calories than walking in regular shoes. Furthermore, the increased muscle mass will boost your metabolism and increase the amount of calories you burn throughout the day, making it a great partner with a healthy diet to help you lose weight and keep it off.

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Other great benefits of regular workouts with Skechers Shape Ups includes improved joint health, which comes from the better posture the shoes promote as well as the increased activity of the workouts. Regular exercise with Shape Ups also improves cardiovascular health while generally boosting both stamina and metabolism.


As with any exercise, it’s important to warm up and stretch properly before any workout, no matter how short. The special design of Skechers Shape Ups is conveniently well-suited to the most effective stretches for the specific workout they promote. Four stretches in particular are best suited for Shape Ups use.

The “Kick Back” technique stretches calves and hamstrings and is accomplished by rolling back onto the heels and holding for five seconds without locking the knees. The “Rock and Roll” warms up the ankles and Achilles tendons and combines a forward roll onto the toes with the rock to the heels. The Roll and Rock and Roll stretches the calves and hamstrings by alternately rocking each foot to the heel and toes.

The Lean stretches the calves and Achilles tendon and is accomplished by placing one foot in front of the other and gently leaning against a wall while bending the forward leg and keeping the back leg straight. Each pair of Skechers Shapes Ups comes complete with a detailed exercise guide to describe these stretches and help you make the most of each and every workout.


Owing to the stylish designs Skechers is known for, Shape Ups are available in a wide range of fashions so you can keep working out in nearly any situation. Featuring an incredibly versatile design, Shape Ups lend themselves to nearly any normal shoes. At a glance they appear to be regular walking shoes and they are just as lightweight and manageable, fitting easily into a suitcase or gym bag so you can switch to them on the go or when you travel.

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For a classic sneakers-style look, the Action Packed design features nubuck leather, breathable mesh sides and a sporty, lace-up design. The Sleek-Fit model increases the amount of mesh and sports a sleeker design with an adjustable hook-and-loop mary jane strap. For more discreet look on less casual occasions, the Optimize model is constructed of black leather only and features lace up closure while the full boot Elasticity model fits any occasion, featuring chocolate or black suede and a faux fur inner lining.

The perfect way to stay fit and active without taking up any extra time, Skechers Shape Ups add another opportunity for exercise without heading to the gym. Although various sports like running and basketball are made easier with specialized footwear, Skechers Shape Ups are some of the only shoes available that actively help the wearer tone muscles and stay fit by virtue of their design. Make the decision to lead a more active, healthier life, find the right style for you and order your first pair of Skechers Shape Ups today!