Spoiled Brat!

I remember back to school shopping as the absolute best time in my life! Momma and I would hit the mall and shop it up, literally my mom had a shopping addiction and I knew how to use it to my advantage. I knew no boundaries, the value of money, huh? Mom had it all covered, only the most expensive clothes from all the big department stores. My lipstick cost close to $30, well I also had no gratitude! I believe it absolutely ruined me too, not school shopping haha but the fact that Mom didn’t show me that work=money and nothing is for free.

Now that I’m a mom, I have this little voice in my head that screams “Don’t be like mom!” We just went school shopping this past Saturday for my 3 girls, Jasmine 16, Ari 9 and Nicky 7 and nothing is for free. What do I mean? Well at my house my two lil ones have chores which include folding clothes, picking up in the living room, taking out the bathroom trash, I knew nothing about helping when I was little. I pay a salary of $5 a week and they must save $3, put $1 in giving envelope and the last $1 to spend or save, it’s up to them. They have to spend birthday money on something they need, come on I’m not totally evil, I let them buy one toy. They have been saving since the beginning of the year and they paid for their own school clothes, it makes them so proud and also take more pride and care. When we got home they were so excited, we had to sit in the living room and watch the fashion show unfold! Nicky moves like she’s a model while Ari is a bit more shy but we all had fun and we couldn’t move from our seats til it was done and we clapped and they bowed.

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Jasmine didn’t get off easy either, she gets her own money every month also and has to totally support herself, phone, make-up and whatever else. I do not give rides unless you have gas money, I also don’t have a car right now so I don’t give rides at all. I believe this helps her budget, if she spends it, she knows I will not be paying any phone bills! I want her to grow up and know responsibility and that no one is going to pay anything for her if she spends all her money. I unfortunately had to learn the hard way, when I moved out those $30 lipsticks were a thing of the past and I hit reality hard or should I say it hit me! After we watched the fashion show, she had to help here at home for the clothes.

Call me what you want, but I want kids who move out and don’t want to live off me for the rest of their lives, we have enough of those in society! No brats here! Well not when it comes to money anyway.

By Rusty