Tips For Effective Promotional Bags

Promotional bags can be a great way to get your message out there, but there are some good ways and bad ways of doing this. This will also relate to your business and your logo in the first place. Actually how your logo goes well on a bag will tell you many things about the way it has been designed and give you food for thought. Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

Make it enjoyable. If someone is going to use your bag more often then not, it is something that they will like. Making your message appealing to the customer, and not just appealing to you trying to get your message out is very important. The better looking that your image is, the more that they will like it. You need to think of the customer’s and user’s experience. Too many marketers get tied up in getting their message out.

Make it last. If you are going to the effort of making a promotional bag, it might be worth the time to make it long lasting and of better quality. The more someone gets used to it, the more they will get used to your brand. Association is a powerful tool, and the quality of your bag can influence the way your potential consumers view the quality of your business. Good green bags make a real statement about your company’s position on the earth and the environment.

Your message. Instead of outright selling of your company, why not make a message or image that is fun and pleasant for the user. Tie-ing this message to your brand can be very important. Sometimes being subtle has very large impacts, and sticking on your logo as big as possible does not necessarily mean you are making the most out of your opportunity. People do read, and they do understand. What is important is their emotion. It is time to get a little creative.

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Uniqueness. Have you thought about the possible uses for your bag, making them friendlier for particular uses can be very beneficial in terms of their value to a user. Different sizes and shapes can make a big difference. A ball shaped bag for a company that sells sport equipment would be very effective and very fun to use. Size, colour and shape are very powerful tools for pleasure and emotional attachment. Levi’s once released a promotional bag that was like a big jeans pocket, this is another excellent example of using shape and size.

If you are going to invest in promotional bags, it is a good time to analyse the way that you market and promote your company. Because it is something that you want them to use and is probably something that is not directly related to your business. Looking for the creative ways and the challenge of creating a campaign of promotional bags that is memorable and does the job, and builds great customer goodwill, will put you to the test. Are you up for it?

By Rusty