Top 10 Questions to Answer When Looking For a Dentist

It is a good idea to have a dentist selected before you have an emergency. Toothaches and pain are usually at their worst in the middle of the night, so regular visits are important. Routine maintenance is always cheaper and more convenient than repairing large or painful problems. Your dentist will take x-rays to look for problems that you cannot see or feel.

Consider the following questions when looking for a dentist so you are sure to make the right choice:

1. When is the dental professional available? Is it convenient for your schedule? Does the office have early morning hours, evening hours, or weekend hours? You never know when a dental emergency will come up and having a dental office that is readily available will help when the time comes.

2. Does the dental professional use the latest technology and sterilization procedures to ensure the best results and patient care? There have been tremendous advances in dental care over the past years that can all but eliminate the discomfort of many procedures. Choosing a dental professional that makes use of the latest advances can help make your experience stress-free.

3. Does the cosmetic dentist provide excellent personalized care to patients? It is important that your dentist be in touch with your needs and cosmetic goals. Look for a dentist that provides comprehensive treatment plans tailored to your individual needs and goals.

4. Are initial examinations and x-rays provided at no cost so patients don’t have to use their resources to find out what problems they may have? This allows resources to be used to fix problems instead of for discovering problems.

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5. Is there a discount for payment in full by either cash or check? Many families do not have dental insurance. By paying cash in full you can very often save money. It can also be helpful for larger procedures if the dentist offers types of no interest financing plans available on approved credit.

6. Are there testimonials from current patients describing their experiences available? How current patients view the dental practice is an excellent indicator of how reliable, friendly and professional they will be with you and your family.

7. Does the dental professional have a strong commitment to continuing education? Technology is constantly changing in the dental field. It is important that your dentist makes an effort to constantly learn new techniques and tools.

8. Is the dental office trained to deal with medical emergencies, including basic life support (BLS) and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS)? Also, the dental office should be properly equipped to deal with medical emergencies by having an automated external defibulator (AED), up to date emergency kid and oxygen tanks.

9. Are there options for dealing with anxiety such as nitrous oxide laughing gas or IV sedation? Many people are uncomfortable with dental visits — to the point where they may even avoid the dentist altogether. Knowing your dentist can handle your anxiety means you will continue regularly scheduled check-ups — eliminating larger problems in the future.

10. Does the cosmetic dentist stand behind the work performed by providing a written warranty? A warranty will give you peace of mind and a guarantee should something go wrong with the procedure.

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Finding the right dental professional for your family will go a long way towards your dental health. By keeping these 10 questions in mind, you are sure to choose the right dental professional for your specific needs.

By Rusty