A Detailed Guide of What You Should Do and Expect After an Eyelid Surgery

A thin surgical tape will be applied on your stitch line after the surgery. Also a certain type of ointment will be used to prevent dryness of the eyes. However, it is not needed for your eyes to be covered.

When the anesthesia wears off, your eyelids may feel a little tight and sore and also a slight burning sensation along the suture lines. Elevation of the head with extra pillows above the level of the heart is essential when you are lying sown to lessen the swelling. Applying cold compresses or ice packs for the first 48 hours after the surgery will improve the swelling. Furthermore, though you will be able to read, watch television and use the computer, you should not over exert yourself and these activities should be limited as they tend to tire and cause dryness to your eyes.

The stitches are then removed after three to five days after the surgery. For about seven to ten days, your eyes may feel sticky and itchy thus it should be thoroughly cleansed. In several cases, artificial tears for lubricating the eyes are used. This will alleviate the gritty and scratchy feeling during the first few days after the surgery.

Also, you should not put on contact lenses for around one to two weeks and may feel a tinge of discomfort for a short while when you resume wearing them. Sunglasses with high level of UV rays protection is highly recommended during the first few weeks after your surgery since your eyes will be very sensitive to the sun, wind and dust particles.

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Besides this, it is important not to take part in any activity that generates more blood flow to the eyes of the surrounding. This includes bending, lifting, crying and exercising. Though the scars may remain slightly pink for six months after your surgery, they should fade eventually over time to a thin and barely obvious white line. Scars on the eyelids usually heal very successfully because of the thinness of the skin.

The results

Once the stitches are removed after a week or less, you can be seen without sunglasses and wear makeup and resume your daily activities without anyone noticing. You will gradually begin to realize the advantages within three to four weeks and the improvement will get better for up to six months as the healing progresses.

By Rusty