Reusable Shopping Bags – The Environmental Benefits

Reusable shopping bags, unlike typical plastic bags, are environmental-friendly, they carry up to twice as much products as a regular plastic one and they also save you money – once you purchase one of these bags, it may last you several months or years. Going green is really popular today and customers all over the world enjoy this type of bag – they’re versatile and useful for all kind of things, so give it a try and purchase an environmental-friendly shopping bag!

These reusable bags come in different sizes are can be made of different materials, from polypropylene to jute or calico. Polypropylene bags are reusable, strong and durable. Chemical resistant and pretty cheap compared to other recyclable bags, these ones allow you to carry all your products without cutting into your hands, due to their longer handles. Another type of reusable shopping bag is represented by calico bags, which are made of a cotton fabric that’s unbleached, cheap to produce, strong and very durable. However, these aren’t resistant to water unless they’re chemically treated, so you can’t really use them in rainy days. Jute bags have the great advantage of being biodegradable, extremely strong and really cheap.

Reusable shopping bags are durable but unfortunately the raw materials are, most of the time, imported, so they can be harder to find. As you can see, all these shopping bags have their benefits and little disadvantages, so whatever your choice is, try to go for a more qualitative product. A traditional shopping bag requires lots of oil and the production process is associated with high levels of pollution, so it’s easy to see why recyclable products are more recommended. They’re eco-friendly, non-toxic and non-allergenic, washable and made of strong fabric that lasts for many years. By purchasing one of these bags, you give a hand to those trying to limit the amount of non-recyclable materials disposed improperly, leading to heavy environmental pollution.

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Besides the already mentioned advantages, these bags can be personalized and customized to your own preferences and needs. They can be used even as advertising tools for green companies, as they are so practical and absolutely everyone needs them!

By Rusty