Being healthy has become a billion dollars business. Part of healthy business is exercising. There are a lot of people who exercise, and then there are a lot of people who just look like they exercise. Athletic and exercise clothing like yoga pants have become a part of everyday fashion. There are plenty of brands to choose from and styles to look your best when working out.

When working out, clothes that stretch with the body are ideal. Spandex and cotton fabrics are really easy to work out in as long as you do not sweat a lot. Cotton absorbs sweat and can make you cold. Some clothes look like they are for working out, but the wrong fabric can smell when sweat gets into the fibers. Some companies have figured out a way to use fabric to enhance your athletic performance.

Temperature is always something to think about when exercising. Your body is cold sometimes until you start working out. In the wintertime it takes more time and energy to get your body warmed up. There are a lot of new workout clothing lines made with state-of-the-art fabric to help with body temperature regulation. Clothes like a long sleeve performance tee, which is great for biking and running in colder temperatures, is a favorite among athletic enthusiasts.

Looking fabulous while working out has a good effect on stamina. There are many new brands and styles for working out these days. There are new lines of clothing endorsed by stars every season. It does not matter what your budget is, there is a workout line of clothing for you. It is important to try on at least three or four different brands of athletic clothing until find clothes that feel good on you and allow you to be flexible in movement. You do not want annoying tags or seams bothering you while you workout and keep in shape.

It is important to have as many workout clothes as the days you workout. You never want to put clothes back on that you have sweat in. Because of the water, sweaty clothes easily mildew and start to smell. You do not want to give yourself a rash. You can get away with three different workout outfits a week. This way you can throw the other two in the laundry while you are wearing the third pair. This will give yourself six days of workout clothes. The seventh day is recommended always to rest.

The fit of your exercise clothing is important. If you workout on machines, you do not want to have loose clothes. You want to choose lightweight fabrics also. You do not want to add extra weight to your workout. It is more important to move freely and then focus on your exercise or weight training for the best performance. Wearing the right clothes can make you want to workout or make you want to go home. Take the time to pick the right clothes, look fabulous and exercise.

By Rusty

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