How to Use Promotional Bags to Market Your Business

If you are looking to put your business name, logo and company message in front of a lot of people then promotional bags can be the perfect method. Not only will your name be exposed to those members of the public who you give out your bags to, but it will also be displayed in front of an enormously varied audience when they are carried around. Your business name could be displayed in front of a demographic of people that you would not normal come in contact with, and who could end up being a whole new target audience for your product.

Retail stores

Many retail stores use promotional bags, not just to advertise their business but to offer an environmentally friendly alternative to using plastic bags. The majority of the large supermarket chains have promotional bags and strongly encourage the use of them. Some supermarkets even charge for plastic bags to further encourage customers to use environmentally friendly bags. For smaller retail stores having a great looking reusable bag is a clever way to keep their customers remembering them and spread their name out to a wider audience.

Trade shows

If your business or company has stalls at trade shows then having promotional bags is a great idea. Instead of just handing out brochures or flyers, put your advertising material in a promotional bag and hand this out instead. Not only will it make it easier for your potential clients they will also be carrying around an advertisement for your product all around the show.

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Product launches

If your store or company has a new product to launch why not have give aways or information on the product packaged up neatly in a promotional bag. Everybody likes being given something for free, even if it is just a bag with information. Depending on your budget you may want to give away a bag that is great to keep and use again.


Be creative with your advertising and think about who uses bags. Sporting teams make a great sponsorship investment, particularly if it is your local team. You will be doing your community a favour as well as getting your business message out there. Why not provide the team with backpacks or sports bags, all emblazoned with your company logo. All sports require some kind of equipment, even if it is just the uniform or shoes, and a sports bag will most certainly be used. Having a whole team of players carrying your bags will make a definite statement.


Depending on your product you may want to provide bags to local schools, which could be used as library bags or sports bags. If your product relates to children then better still.

A must have item

A lot of large companies even sell their promotional bags. These are generally companies that are well known and their products have an element of status, or are considered trendy brands, in particular, companies like surf or sport brands. If you can produce a bag that becomes a ‘must have’ item then you will be in great business company.

By Rusty