How to Choose Garment Bag

When you plan to travel and think about bringing many clothes, you need a certain bag to load them. Choose a bag that is really designed to bring your clothes. Specifically made for clothes, garment bag will keep your clothes from getting wrinkled or stained.

The following information will give you some tips to choose garment bag.

1. Pay attention to the type of the bag. There are different types of garment bag. It depends on the use. Full-length type is similar with a hanger and usually used to hang a coat or tuxedo. It is made of nylon. This kind of material is chosen due to its reasonable price. However, leather and vinyl are also alternatives commonly used as the material of the bag. These two kinds of material are more expensive than the previous one. On the other hand, leather provides durability and best quality. Choose the type based on your necessity.

2. The one featured with wheels is better since it can help you in driving your garment bag easily. Moreover, the handle will ease your move and add comfort. You just need to pull or push it. It is easier rather than lifting the bag.

3. If you need a place for saving your toilet equipment or other things you probably need during the trip, like handkerchief, facial foam, etc, choose the one with pockets. With such pocket you can easily find what you need without reloading your clothes.

3. Ensure that the bag is equipped with lock and key to keep safety. Usually, they are applied on the zippers. Speaking on withstand of garment bag, check the zippers since they are mostly the first part which is easily broken. One more important thing, check the warranty of the garment. It is better if you choose lifetime warranty.

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By Rusty