Bags That Will Help Your Business

It may be surpassing to many of us that one of the most diverse marketing products available, is the humble bag. Having taken on many diverse forms, shapes and purposes, a bag can expose people who have never heard of you, to your bran; can remind old shoppers to visit again; and can create a special feeling of nostalgia or excitement. While this may sound far-fetched to many of you, think about what you get your lunch in, what you carry your gym clothes or umbrella in, and how you feel when you tear open the packaging of jewellery or fine chocolates, printed with a name you recognise. Still not a believer? Here is a list of bags that will improve your businesses’ marketing efforts.

1. Sandwich bags and cross promotion

Each day, tens of millions of people in Australia alone purchase their lunch during the work day. Have you ever stopped to think about the packaging that your food comes in? Have you seen a certain fast food wrapper go past in the hands of someone walking by you, and craved that food? Ever doodled in your lunch bag while eating and finishing work? Why not take advantage of it?

The most popular take away food outlets in corporate areas can be a big opportunity when it comes to marketing. Why not offer to provide the busiest local sandwich bar with all its sandwich paper bags for the year — with a clever message and your brand printed in the front? Think about the reminder of your brand this gives to the large amount of people who eat at that particular location every day. Everyone’s got to eat — so take advantage of it!

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2. Green bags

Replacing your plastic shopping bags with a green option is a big bonus when it comes to corporate social responsibility. And with Gen Y more aware of this than any previous generation, a small move like this can differentiate you from your competitors, send a positive message about your brand — and potentially win you more customers!

3. Gift bags and packaging

Ever received jewellery from Tiffanies? A selection of chocolates from Hagues or a fine chocolate maker? An item of designer clothing? Felt the excitement at seeing the bag, even before you open it, simply because you associate the look and feel of the bag with beauty, or elegance or deliciousness?

The gift bags that make up your packaging are a vital marketing tool — a subtle way to build your brand recognition and story, enabling people to match certain feelings with your product or service.

4. Promotional bags

Whether at a fair, instore or just undertaking a special campaign, a promotional bag will often not only be a great way to spread the word, but if designed well, will become a means of transporting gym clothes and other personal items for prospective customers. Given the reusability of these bags, they not only serve to remind the owner of the bag about your brand regularly, but also introduce it to anyone she walks past!

By Rusty