Religious Icon Jewelry a Hot Trend!

I visited the Long Beach Flea Market and Antiques Fair in Long Beach, California today and was immediately struck by a young man wearing a rosary bead necklace around his neck. (I just saw Justin Combs, P Diddy’s son, wearing one on a TV show just an hour before that).

After walking into the event, I was immediately attracted to a table featuring Rosary Beads, Religious Charm Bracelets, Religious medals and many other Religious articles which apparently were selling quite well. I also did see this type of product at other stations within the Flea Market. In speaking with the proprietress, I learned that many of the Rosaries are of Bohemian Czech Glass and are being created in Bohemia by a very special family.

The Religious jewelry theme trend has been rearing its head for several seasons, and it was very strongly represented in the European Department and Specialty stores, especially in Paris as early as 2006.

I was visiting Paris to attend the Bijorcha jewelry show and spent some time shopping and scouting out trends featured by the Parisian jewelry designers. I came back from that trip with many ideas which were later incorporated into my collection for Jewelbox Designs.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have come across several other young men wearing Rosary Beads around their necks. I tend to believe this trend will gain momentum into Spring, and we may see another rebirth of “Madonna Style” from the 80’s as we approach the Fall 2010 Fashion Season.

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By Rusty