Promotional Canvas Bags – Your Next Step in Green Business

There are many different ways to go green with your business. And as a business, you should be implementing as many as possible. Businesses are looked up to in a way from the community. They are leaders, and whether or not they choose to be, people look up to them as an example. Therefore, businesses should be setting the correct example in environmental issues.

You’ve probably been making some changes. Earlier, I said earlier that businesses should make as many changes as possible. This does not mean to just go crazy, forget about business and focus just on the environment. That would be silly, and you would be out of business within weeks. What I really mean is that businesses should be concerned about the environment, and make changes in the way they conduct business as they see fit. Following are some examples.

Eco-friendly printing

You probably do a fair amount of printing if you’re in business. For example, your company probably has business cards, letterhead, brochures, etc. So, when these materials are printed, make sure they are being printed with a respect for the environment. An eco-friendly printer is not always more expensive, either. There are many digital printers out there with very good quality work who are also eco-friendly.

Conserving water

As a business, try to keep your water usage to a minimum. Things like watering the lawn can be minimized or cut entirely. Installing motion sensors on faucets will also reduce the amount of water being used. Also, if you provide a water cooler for employees instead of a water fountain, this will also cut water waste.

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Now, tell your customers!

Your customers will be pleased to hear that you are being kind to the environment, not to mention they will be more likely to purchase products from you. Make sure that they know you’re going green. A great way to make it known is to use promotional canvas bags with your logo imprinted. Along with your logo, a message could also be imprinted stating how you’re company is green. For example, “We’ve cut our water consumption by 50 gallons per month!” Your customers will love getting a reusable shopping bag from you because it helps the environment, and it helps you because it announces to everyone that sees the bag that your company is going green.

By Rusty