PP Shopping Bag Design Trends 2010

Designs of shopping bags tend to change often, with new trends showing up yearly. Today, consumers have switched from using disposable plastic bags to those ones that can be used multiple times, are both environment friendly and inexpensive. Polypropylene made supermarket bags seem to be best option for majority of shoppers to carry things from the store to their home.

One of the great things about pp bags for shopping is that they hold color and designs very well. Despite their low cost, they can have appearances that follow hot trends; in many cases the woven shopping bag trends are just as modern as designer handbag trends. This is great news for businesses who want to offer bags that are top of the line at bargain prices.

For this summer, there are several trends arising. Bright neon colors as well as toned down pastels are popular. One new thing that is also notable is that tribal patterns from Africa are newly appearing this year. But classical designs with natural themes are topping the charts for popularity this year. People just love artwork containing leaves, flowers or meadow to be printed on their bags.

With items such as leaves, beaches and trees, one might wonder how this would look so well shopping bags, since the bag is made out of a polypropylene material. As aforementioned, PP bags hold designs very well, so it is quite trendy to have an image printed on the material that looks like a real photo – the customization possibilities are limitless. For example green leaf prints are very popular in PP shopping bag trends this year. People will be gravitating towards lower cost alternatives that just have a design that mimics a green leaf. This is very easy to do with bags made out of polypropylene woven fabric.

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Solid colors are always a hit with customers. This year, it looks like neon and pastel colors of most varieties will be quite popular. Blues, greens, yellows, and reds are typically surefire choices as crowd pleasing colors. This is a great thing in the PP shopping bag trends because this is especially cheap to produce, yet the color will stay vivid on the bag as long as it is in use.

One important thing to note is that customers are finding low cost items to be trendy is well, which inherently means that woven PP shopping bags are quite trendy! They offer great quality, durability, and appearance at a relatively low price, much cheaper than any other shopping bags made of more expensive materials. With customers also wanting to purchase affordable shopping bags this year, PP bags are sure to be a hit in the coming years.

It would do well for business owners and consumers alike to pay attention to the PP bag trends. As these bags become more common and colorful, business owners will want to stay up on the latest trends so that they can be sure and please all of their customers. And, of course, consumers will definitely want to know what is popular so that they can have the best looking shopping bag to use.

By Rusty