Pack Your Travel Bag Then Fill Your Shopping Bag!

Part of the fun of traveling to a new city is exploring all of the shops and stores you don’t have back home. Finding outfits and art pieces you can’t find anywhere else and bringing them back home to be the centerpiece of your wardrobe or household is part of the traveling experience. Some cities boast the largest malls in the country where you can shop til you drop, while other places offer outlet malls offering up the most bang for your buck, and if retail shopping is not your style then explore all of the specialty stores and antique shops found in every town.

The mega malls found around the country are an attraction all their own. Complete with restaurants bars, theaters and even amusement parks, these malls can be prove to be a two day endeavor for even the most experienced shopper. So put the kids in the stroller, grab your credit card and don a pair of comfortable walking shoes because you’re going to need them for this shopping spree!

Outlet malls are a bargain shopper’s paradise, often found on the outskirts of town the malls are comprised of name brand stores offering bargain prices on all of their merchandise. Many people travel from all parts of the country to find these outlet malls and they load up shopping bag after shopping bag to bring back home with them.

While mega malls and outlet malls appeal to the name brand shopper, others may prefer to explore the smaller specialty stores and antique shops every town has to offer. It is here that visitors can find rare pieces of art, handmade clothing and unique jewelry.

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A visit to a new city is not complete with out exploring the shopping opportunities. It’s also not a bad idea to pack light and purchase clothing at your planned destination, as it will not only be appropriate to the region but it will be something unique to return home with!

By Rusty