Online Fitting is The Future of Online Shopping

So you finally found the coolest jacket you can buy online, then you placed your order and waited for it to arrive, and about a week later it came to your front door in a package marked special delivery. You were so excited you just ripped the box apart and tore the plastic wrapping off the garment and then you tried it on for size? Only to find out it’s too small and you can not even move your arms up or down. You then have to decide if you want to return it in the hope that there is another one available in the next size up? Plus you will now have to wait for the jacket to be returned before you can expect another one to come in it’s place. If there is another one? So you jump on the computer and start the whole process of returning your new jacket for another one.

So how will this be avoided in the future? Well one day in the not too distant future you will be able to have a private body scan and have your body details saved for all your online shopping, your exact waist measurement and your chest size and even your foot size will all be available to compare to the sizes offered at the online store where you are shopping at.

Much in the same way we now have body scans at the airport we will be able to have a private scan done once a year to keep the correct body measurements for our online shopping experiences, such terms as eFitting or online fitting will be commonplace and save us all time and money, but whether its as cool as you may think is up to other people to decide, but at least it will fit you properly.

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By Rusty