Make an Eco Friendly Choice: Reusable Shopping Bags

With all the talk about “going green” you may begin to wonder what you can do in your everyday life that would help the planet. Some people are very surprised to find out how simple it can be to make a difference.

One of the most basic lifestyle changes you can make is to switch from normal plastic or paper shopping bags to a sturdy reusable shopping bag. These bags are sold at most stores nationwide to make it easy for customers who decide to participate in the switch. Many of these bags have the store’s logo or a slogan on them to keep them from being boring.

It may seem like such a small change that you may be wondering how it can really make a positive impact on the future of our planet. Well, think of it this way. There are thousands of “super-centers”, retail stores, convenience stores and so forth all across the globe that sells items to hundreds of thousands of people every day!

All of these items are put into bags for the customer’s convenience. When the consumer chooses to use the stores plastic or paper bags, chances are, those bags will end up in a landfill. Using a reusable bag eliminates that issue and helps better our world by cutting down waste and pollution.

If you would like to make this change in your lifestyle, you’ll be happy to know that it’s very simple. The first step to take is to go to your favorite store and ask if they have reusable shopping bags for sell. Once you purchase your bag, or bags if you do a lot of shopping at this store, remember to take them with you every time you visit the store. Finally, do your shopping as usual and when you checkout, hand the cashier your bags and ask them to place your items in them instead of using the plastic or paper that is available by default.

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You will soon find that this small change will impact your life in a couple of ways. It will eliminate the clutter and trash around your home because you won’t be bringing the disposable bags into your house. You will also have a sense of accomplishment knowing that something so easy is helping to save the planet for future generations. As you get comfortable with small life changes such as the reusable shopping bag, you may find yourself wanting to change more about your life to help make a difference.

By Rusty