How to Add Glow in an Outdoor Gathering With Outdoor Tiki Torches

This is the backyard barbeque time again and you want to throw a party in style! What are the perfect ingredients that would spice up your celebration? Let’s talk first about tiki torches. No evening garden party is complete without those lovely pieces of lighting arrangement. You would find your guests go gaga over the charming tiki torches that space out on either side to line the pathway.

Your beautiful garden and tiki torches make an awesome barbeque day. Other than illuminating the walkway, tiki torches can be placed near the patios for light or decorated around your swimming pool for a poolside party. Whatever it might be, you want to create a fun-filled ambience and make sure that your guests had a gala time.

If you are planning to line your pathway with tiki torches for your backyard barbeque party, then go for the ones that can be easily inserted into the ground. And, if you have a stone pathway, you can decorate it with magnificent tiki torches which would create a tropical feel and give an aesthetic ambience to the party. Though you can keep it on the tabletop; for patios, you can place it a little far as the odor of the mosquito repellants would be overwhelming for the guests.

As you are aware, in a garden party, the guests are carefree and like to freely move around. Therefore, there is always a chance of your guests stumble over the torches or run into it. So arrange it in a manner which they will not wobble if slightly bumped.

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You can avail a variety of torches that satisfies your needs and tastes. You can even make a bamboo tiki torch if you have enough time and patience. Or otherwise, if you cannot spare time and wish to get hold of a durable item, go and get it from a reliable retail store that sells sturdy tiki torches. Most of these mosaic-designed torches have either conical or tulip shapes which give an elegant look. The snuffer caps and powder coated garden poles assures the durability. It features easy-fill containers with standard lamp oil and fiberglass wick.

Though the torches adorn your backyard with their sober ambience, let’s be little bit careful about installing a tiki torch as none of us want any fire hazards in our festivity. Only a bit of attention is enough to avoid such mayhem. Keep your tiki torches a safe distance from combustible materials, tree branches, and buildings. Don’t leave your tiki unattended. Once the party is over, extinguish the flame right away.

So finally, I do not need to explain how it is important for you to engage each guest individually and make them feel special. You know how to arrange a perfect tiki torch party with tiki menus, well, don’t just forget to serve those umbrella drinks and fresh fruit skewers! and tiki-themed music to entertain your guests to the hilt.

By Rusty