Funky Silver Accessories to Grab Attention

Solange Azagury-Partridge – Hot Lips lacquered sterling silver ring

Wear your lips on your fingers. Yes, literally with beautiful, scarlet sterling silver ring by Solange Azagury-Partridge. This ring’s design is so unusual that you will fall in love with it, and then there will be this burning desire to have it on your finger. Unlike any other ring it may give you an impression of a toy. But see it close and then your heart with beat fast seeing its signature Hot Lips design.

It is designed keeping in mind the contemporary pop-culture when accessories are bold and unique, and also sometimes very weird. But this ring is not which is crafted with signature wit. With this startling piece you can even decide to get engaged, and if not then get chic by sporting it with a trendy top and fitted jeans or a look elegant and mysterious by teaming this with a white or red dress. Paint the twon red with this exclusive red ring. Price of the ring which is available online is said to be A�1,265.62.

Pamela Love Dagger Sterling silver earrings

Agreed, you are not that kind of a girl who would like to look grungy, or weirdest say gothic. But you want to look smart and edgy and confident then here is this earring that will solve your problem. It’s very different in look and not everyone can carry this.

It is for fun-loving fashionistas who like to chilled-out in the evenings in their best togs. Wear something elegant or trendy and do hair as a bun so that the attention goes to your beautiful earring. The Burnished sterling silver dagger drop earrings by Pamela Love have an engraved figure outline at pendant and a hook to fasten to ear.

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You just have to dare to wear this well-designed earring for your tougher self. Price that’s online is just A�451.44.

Eddie Borgo Sterling silver cone bracelet

After a ring and an earring, let’s graduate to the bracelet. Eddie Borgo Sterling silver cone bracelet is not made of diamonds but dazzles like one. Do you dare to carry give-a-damn attitude, this bracelet will solve your problem. Not necessary you have to wear black bands or chunky stuffs. Here is this stylish bracelet full of cones which can make you look rocking and tough.

Expert advice, wear this spiked style with printed pants and a boyfriend-fit blazer, you can also replace the printed pants with tight-fitted leather pants and a black corset. Yeah! The idea is to look hot and not-accessible. Wink, wink! Style doesn’t come cheap. Sterling silver cone bracelet has a designer-stamped detail at interior and a clutch to fasten at wrist. Eddie Borgo Sterling silver cone bracelet is priced at A�379.87.

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