Flaunt Your Leather Handbag Even in Monsoons!

Do you dread going out with your latest leather handbag and been caught in monsoon rains? Well you need not fret and fume over your wet leather bags because if you take these precautions you will get to show off your designer handbags even in monsoons!

If your leather bag is a vegetable tanned one then you don’t have to worry too much about getting it wet. In this technique natural oils and extracts from barks seeds are used to replace the original fats in the hide giving it a unique look. Vegetable tanned leather has deep colors, good body and long lasting strength. This technique also ages your treasured handbag beautifully. Whenever it becomes wet, the water just evaporates and doesn’t react with anything else. So next your vegetable tanned leather bag gets caught in rains just empty it out and let it dry in airy place for few days. If you can then place it in a room with air conditioners since this is the best way to dehumidify. Don’t make the mistake of keeping the bag near a heater or outside under direct sunlight. High temperatures will dry out the natural oils in the leather and make your leather bag look dull. In the long run such practices can make the leather hard and develop ugly cracks.

Leather needs to be treated like just your skin. It also needs moisturizing. Get a suitable leather wax or cream which has natural oils and apply them on your bag. The natural oils in the wax or cream will seep in to the leather and nourish them and make them look shinier. This simple procedure will increase the longevity of your bag.

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You can do this every day in monsoons to keep the leather soft supple and to prevent fungus growth. Doing this faithfully will keep your handbag look like new forever!

Here are some quick tips to protect your leather bags in monsoon:

1. If your leather bag has become wet then pat it with a dry soft cloth.

2. Let it naturally dry in a warm dry place. Avoid placing it near a heater or direct sunlight.

3. Use a recommended good quality leather wax or cream to replenish the natural oil of the leather.

4. When not been used, keep the leather nag in a cloth bad to protect it from dust and moisture especially in humid seasons.

5. Take out your bag and air it once in a while.

By Rusty