Eco Shopping Bags

Are you doing your part to help with the environment? If not then maybe you should think about it, every company should do their part to help if possible and it can be such a simple task, I am not saying that you should change the way your company is to help out but even just a little change like the type of carrier bag you use goes a long way.

If you deal with products day in and day out that are handed over to customers it is likely that you provide them with shopping gags to hold their products, think about the amount of carrier bags you go through in a day, week, month, year… the amount will be very high and each one of the bags went towards harming the environment when they were manufactured, so why not change that? There are a lot of companies world wide that offer eco friendly shopping bags, they are just as strong, fully recyclable and help keep the environment safe.

If you are worried about printing on them and displaying your logo don’t be, these bags can be printed on in exactly the same way and can be colour coded to match your company, it is simply a matter of changing supplier. OK you may not want to leave your supplier but if you do tell them why, you never know they may realise that it is the way forward and look into eco friendly products themselves. Do you part to help the environment, change to eco shopping bags today.

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By Rusty