Top 10 Best-Dressed Females of 2010

Jennifer Aniston is the American classic, while Zoe Saldana turned out to be the Red Carpet Queen. Well, to look the fashionable best with dollops of oomph and class is certainly a task. This year People magazine’s Hall of Frame best-dressed females 2010 also features stunning gals like Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton.

So at No. 1 we have Zoe Saldana as The Red Carpet Queen, fashion lovers and critics can’t forget her frilly purple gown, a Givenchy Haute Couture dress, from the Oscar night. The lady loves clothes which have just hit the runway. She is passionate about clothes.

In No 2 position resides Gwen Stefani as “The Hip Mom”. She has now turned a designer for her own fashion line L.A.M.B. The lady who believes to be funky draws inspiration from places like Guatemala, Japan and Jamaica for her clothes. Like the colorful places, like her vibrant clothes.

The R & B singer comes in 3rd spot with her quirky, edgy, challenging fashion choices. Who can do the “outrageous” better than her and still walk off with the title of best-dressed female. That’s why she is the “Daring diva”.

“Inglorious Basterds” German actress Diane Kruger is at number four, with her affection for bold and fabulous.

At number 5 is the Glee breakout star Lea Michele who knows the long and short of fashion and looks stunning wearing both lengths. She is the “It Girl”. The actress and singer is practicing well the chapters from the fashion book.

The No. 6 spot goes to Olivia Palermo who is “The Uptown Girl”. The socialite turned actress Olivia does big city chic well with bold choices and exotic jewellery. She has recently launched her own jewellery collection. Bravo!

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Jessica Alba is number 7 with an eclectic sense of dressing as she likes to mix casual designs with feminine fashions with a hard edge. The young actress is “Mix Master”.

Jennifer Aniston is the winner of the “American Classic” category. Her simple, yet subtle way of presenting herself has earned her brownie points.

The “Denim Darling” Rachel Bilson is at number nine for her love of jeans. The girl likes to wear them in all shapes and sizes. Comfort is her key mantra. Her much-copied street style includes vintage flares, cuffed-up boyfriend jeans and leggy cut-offs.

The smart and classic Kate Middleton is “The Princess in Waiting”. Her tailored coats have got many fashion eyeballs. Better known as “Waity Katey” she is royally at No.10.

By Rusty