Eyeglasses Necklaces – New Style Craze

Using an eyeglass necklace can be an exclusive solution to bring your eyeglasses with you anywhere in a smart, elegant yet practical fashion. Eyeglass necklaces are not just a fashion accessory, but are seriously a functional way to keep spectacles promptly ready to hand. They not merely keep the glasses nearby but also include glamour and luxury to your personality.

You will find a wide variety of designs, patterns and trends that you might be puzzled what to pick. The list includes beaded, hand crafted, gems studded, stringed with opaque links, sterling silver snake chain and wheat chain necklaces. You can use eyeglass necklaces for reading glasses, Normal eyeglasses, sunglasses and sport glasses too.

The common eyeglass necklace chains are approximately 27? longer. Longer eyeglass chains might be doubled and used as a choker. For all those of us who are not able to see without their reading spectacles, it’s entertaining to have anything lovely to hang them on around our neck. Complete at both ends with lobster claw clasps, white strands eyeglass chains are good for easy removal. Soft Flex or Accuflex beading wire and silk cord are employed typically. Sturdy holders with elastic hoops are much better for durability and exceptional flexibility.

Beaded Eyeglass Necklaces –

Beaded eye glass necklaces are typically the most popular for people of all age. With many colors and dazzles of wonderful stones and beads, beaded eyeglass neck laces are exciting to use. You’ll be surprised how sensible, swanky and handy it can be to wear your eyeglasses with a bejeweled eyeglass necklace! You can also purchase a custom made beaded eyeglass necklace by picking out the design, colors and sizing for your supreme pleasure.

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Many types of beads and stones are widely-used, as antique silver and African lapis beads, vintage barrel beads, Italian glass beads, tube beads, Czech glass beads, Hematite, Fimo Beads, glass pearls, Pink

Bicone Crystal, Swarovski Crystal, wooden beads, bone beads, seashell beads, luster beads and seed beads.

Handcrafted eyeglass necklace & chains made out of gems beads (as diamonds, pearls, amber, ruby, jasper) are more than simply another bit of eyewear accessory. They’re distinctive, elegant, and exclusive piece of jewellery with gold or silver accents.

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