Designer Jeans Are Still A Must Have Garment

Designer jeans have been a wardrobe staple for men and women, generation after generation. That is because they look fantastic whether paired with a concert tee-shirt and scandals or a fur coat and patent leather shoes. A good pair of denims can take you from your day job to date night in an instant.

Once called dungarees, these strong cotton trousers have come a long way since first hitting the market in the late nineteenth century as the working man’s uniform. It was not until the middle of the twentieth century that they were a moniker of the counter-culture generation, causing the more upstanding members of society to cringe. This soon led to its popularity with teenagers.

There are some folks today who refuse to keep a pair of denim pants in their closet because they associate the item with dressing down. Although they are applauded for the careful attention that they pay to their ensemble, the fashion forward thinking crowd believe that they are getting a bad wrap from this attitude. On the contrary, casual dress does not have to mean sloppy. In fact, there are many high-end designers today who solely produce casual clothing lines that continue to impress with their chic, sophisticated style.

As with all dressing, the way to put together an informal outfit with denim is to follow a few simple rules. The first is to try the garment on when purchasing. Make sure they fit you. Just because your friends look great in a particular brand, does not mean the same applies to you.

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Next, choose a shirt that works with the pants. Make sure it tucks smoothly inside or is the right length to wear hanging out. You need a good, critical eye to make this decision. If you are not sure, bring with a friend, possibly of the opposite sex, who knows fashion and is willing to be honest with you.

When it comes time to dress up, look at these cotton slacks as a suit alternative. Go for a dark wash that is presses flat down the leg. Never iron your jeans with a crease in the pant leg. Save that trick with other garments. Match it with a good pair of shoes and a sport coat or good jacket.

Some men enjoy wearing a tie and dress shirt with their denim slacks, but one of the best looks for men is to leave the tie at home and open the top two buttons on the dress shirt. Never let the buttons open to the belly. That look went out with leisure suits.

Designer jeans are the one fashion item that every well dressed man should have in his closet. They are a versatile item that will always look good regardless if you are running to the supermarket or going out with friends at night. They are great for traveling too. If rolled in a suitcase, jeans won’t wrinkle and are universally accepted garments. So now is the time to go out and treat yourself to a good pair or two. You won’t regret it.

By Rusty