Tummy Tuck Surgery – Post Operation Details

Tummy tuck surgery is a procedure that reduces the presence of excess fat and skin. The doctor may also opt to restore weakened tissues and muscles which may have been affected by the excessive development of fat and tissues in the area.

In some cases, muscles may separate due to the enlargement of the muscle tissues and fat that they will have to be restored by the surgeon during the operation. Usually, a firmer and better abdominal profile is expected from this procedure. In spite of this, it is important to maintain the end result to prevent the return of the previous condition.

Post Operation

Incisions are made during the tummy tuck surgery, therefore, after wards, these incisions will need to be dressed and medicated accordingly to prevent any complications. Infection may set in if the proper care of these cuts is not implemented by the attending nurses, doctor and the patient.

Along with the dressing for the cuts, a compression bandage is most likely placed around the patient’s abdomen. This compression bandage is used to minimize the expected swelling of the area as well as to support the recovery process of the wound itself. If not a compression bandage, then an elastic bandage may be used. The approval of the attending surgeon should be given with regards to the kind of bandage is used for each case.

A drain may also be applied to the wound if the doctor deems it necessary. In most cases, the drain is placed to ensure the right drainage of excess body fluids and the prevention of complications. The thin tube used for the drain is just temporary and will be removed a soon as the doctor is satisfied with the results of drainage.

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Stitches, if there are any, will be removed from the affected area when the doctor is satisfied with how the wound has healed. This may take a week or two before they are removed. Some use special materials which may not necessitate the removal of the stitches.

Medication is always prescribed for patients post operation. Usually, antibacterial and anti inflammatory medications are included in the prescription, as well as others medicines that may apply to each case specifically.

The general health of the patient is always considered when prescribing medicines and the prevention of an infection is one of the priorities after the tummy tuck surgery. It is best to follow the instruction given before and after the surgery to prevent any complications from developing.

By Rusty