The Restore Thrift Store

Do you have a home remodel project that you’ve been wishing to tackle but the cost of supplies has placed the dream on hold? If so, I recommend you consider a thrift store for your remodel needs. My husband and I recently built a writing studio on a budget of $250.00. The majority of our purchases were made at the Habitat for Humanity Restore.

If you are familiar with Habitat for Humanity, you know that volunteers come together to build homes for disadvantaged, but working individuals. The American dream of owning a home is one that is shared by millions across our country. By shopping at Habitat for Humanity Restore, you can help make that dream come true. Habitat has Restore’s located in forty-eight states.

Most likely there is a location near you. These thrift stores carry used furniture, appliances, and building materials. You can also find home accessories. We found the paint and trim for my writing studio at a very low cost. We also purchased a couch and light fixture.

There are both new items and items donated from remodel projects for sale at the Restore. We found a wide selection of kitchen cabinets that were in good condition at our local store. The cabinets had been pulled from existing homes and donated to the Restore. There was also an ample supply of building materials that had been donated.

Our remodel project also required some wiring work, and my husband found that there were a variety of supplies available that met his needs. It’s like Goodwill and Lowe’s Home Improvement joined together for one night of passion and the Habitat for Humanity is their lovechild. I would recommend this store be at the top of your list when you head out to search for your remodel supplies.

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The Restore doesn’t just sell building materials. They also have a decent selection of used furniture and home d?�cor items. I secured my couch and some decorative items for my writing studio during our shopping trip to the Restore. I found quality of the selections to be slightly better than those I usually find at Goodwill.

The pricing system at the Restore was very interesting. The item is placed on the floor and the tag is marked with the date and the starting price. Then every thirty days, the item is reduced by 10%. Sometimes you can find an item that will be reduced again in just a day or two. You may want to wait it out and grab the item at the even further reduced price.

Times are tough and consumers today are more cost conscious than we have been in years. Yet it doesn’t mean you have to forego the attention your home needs. Make a list of the supplies you need and head out to the Habitat for Humanity Restore, or any thrift store in your area, to snag your remodel items.

By Rusty