Non Woven Shopping Bags: The Major Advantages

For the past years that non woven shopping bags became popular to many consumers and being used in the supermarkets, reduction of wastes in the environment has been visible. The different advantages of these bags are truly instruments in making people aware of what is happening around the planet. People are significantly using them for different reasons and carrying out the best quality and importance of the bags. It only means that they bring exceptional implications to humans and to their health, and the environment.

There are four general advantages of non woven shopping bags to consumers, manufacturers and the environment. Apart from these bags are durable and reusable, they also have other significance that really helpful and lessens uncertainties to people. They have effects in terms of the economic aspect of the government. Instead of using plastic bags which contribute much in the increase of wastes in landfills, non woven shopping bags are better replacements to these plastics. Supermarket owners do not need to give away plastic bags as containers of commodities and other items to the consumers. This lowers the store owners’ costs and they can earn profit out from using the green bags. In like manner, consumers can reuse the non woven bags as many times as they want without buying for new ones. As to the manufacturers, these bags are cost-effective and have promotional benefits.

They are firm and long-lasting. These bags are made with durable materials or fabrics (non woven PP, polyethylene terephthalate, and recycled polyethylene terephthalate) that are also safe and comfortable to humans. Regular plastic shopping bags can be easily damaged and they only last for days because they are not reusable. Unlike non woven shopping bags, these types are firmly manufactured to avoid breakage when handling and to circumvent spillage of the contents. In addition, non woven shopping bags can retain the freshness of the foods, fruits and vegetables during shopping. And since these bags are also washable, consumers can prevent the high risk of bacteria and contamination that result to dreadful illnesses.

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Non woven bags have more marketing effects compared to ordinary plastic bags. The appearances of these bags are attractive, thus convince people to buy and try. They are waterproof, solid and have non-sticky properties so these are the first choice of many consumers. For the manufacturers, they can print their company logos in the fa?�ade or sides of the bags, or they can even make the bags more colorful and printed to attract more customers. This is one of the best means in advertising the non woven bags.

It is already a common knowledge to consumers about the positive effects of non woven shopping bags to the environment. However, using them consistently help sustain the cleanliness of the environment. No litters are found in the streets, landfills and oceans. Furthermore, these effects of non woven bags to the ecosystem could maintain the reproduction of diverse species both on land and in the oceans.

By Rusty