How Do I Keep My Reusable Shopping Bag Clean in Order to Keep My Family Safe?

By now we should all have our own reusable shopping bag. How do we take care of them since we do not want to get sick from bacteria inside them?

With all of the media hype in the past few months about everyone reducing the use of plastic bags. We all now hopefully own many reusable shopping bags. The question on everyone’s mind is how do we keep ourselves and our family safe from bags that will get dirty? Here I will explain the measures I have taken to do just that. Also I will share with you the ways I came up with making the transition of using plastic bags to using reusable shopping bags easy.

1- The first thing I did was to figure out a way to carry home my fresh meat without contaminating my reusable grocery shopping bags. We all have had meat leak into and onto our other groceries. I first tried using paper bags inside and having the checkout clerk put all my meat inside. The problem with this method for me was that the paper bags would get wet and then leak into my reusable grocery bag. This did not appeal to me whatsoever.

2- The second thing I considered was to use large freezer bags but I figured that this would and could get expensive. You can wash these bags out only so many times.

3- Finally what I did for my fresh meat was to get myself resealable vinyl shopping bags that are insulated like the ones used when people go camping. These work exceptionally well since all I need to do when I get home is to turn them inside out and give them a fast wipe with a soft cloth soaked in soap and water. Once they are dry I merely turn them right side in. The fact that they are insulated helps to protect my meat from the hot weather.

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4- As for my other groceries personally I have a preference. I like to use more fashion reusable bags purely because everyone seems to have all the same ones and yes I like to stand out, and No I am not afraid to be different. They cost a little more but they are worth the extra cost as they seem to be better built. I think this will extend the life of my bags since I like to over stuff them. When they get dirty I give them a good wash, let them dry well to avoid mildew and that is it.

5- One thing I never do is use these bags to go and buy clothing, or shoes, or anything that is not from a grocery store. Once again I have a nice fashionable reusable shopping bag. This is great for me since I do not need to carry my purse but merely bring my wallet which I toss in my bag. This shopping bag is totally different from my grocery bags.

6- Finally although this may sound like a lot of work it only takes a little time and planning. Once you get your head wrapped around the idea it is very easy. Did I forget to mention that it took me some time to remember to grab my reusable bags before leaving home? My solution was to keep them by the door and this way I would see them as I was heading out. Another thing I did was to always keep two in my car for just in case.

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By Rusty