6 Smartly Designed Shopping Bag Logo Designs Crafted By Famous Brands

6 Smartly Designed Shopping Bag Logo Designs Crafted By Famous Brands

As the industry is getting more competitive, retailers are finding new ways to promote their brands.

The latest development in the branding strategies is the makeover of their shopping bags to make them thicker and stronger so that the customers are able to reuse them. This is the smartest way a brand can advertise itself and occupy a constant place in the customers’ minds.

Below mentioned are some brands with smart shopping bag logo designs.

1. MeralCo:

This is the largest distributor of electric power who has found a great way to advertise their company and send an energy efficient message to their customers at the same time. The bright yellow bags consist of an image of a table fan or an iron with the rope of the bag shaped like the electric power cord of the appliance. The smart and innovative creation of the bag has helped us memorize this brand name easily.

2. Wheaties:

They have created one of the smartest shopping bags with their brand mark that is highly reusable and represents the company values at the same time. It shows a life like image of a muscled man’s torso with the company name beside it. It shows that the muscled man is what you will look like if you eat Wheaties.

3. Saks Fifth Avenue:

This is one of the most creatively designed shopping bags where a modern art touch has been given. This corporation has broken down the brand mark into small pixels and then rearranged it like an unsolved jigsaw puzzle. This has given the bags a smart look as your fingers itch to put the pieces back together when you look at the bags.

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4. Swatch:

The new Swatch bags are created in bright blue and green colors with the words “Time. Passion” scripted over it. The contemporary design with horizontal lines gives it a very fashionable and current look.

5. Bergdorf Goodman:

Their signature lavender shopping bags with images of Park Avenue ladies has been their distinguishable for quite a few years now. Even from a distance you can spot one of the lavender bags and associate it to the brand.

6. Bloomingdale’s:

You can’t even cross the street without seeing one of those big, medium or small brown bags. These bags have changed the dynamics of branded reusable shopping bags with logo. But few people know that the brown bags are a creation of the famous and elite chain of stores, Bloomingdale’s. The simple brown bag with simple and thick fonts is now available in canvas to increase longevity. This is a great way for the store to market itself.

Besides these, there are also many famous brands that have launched shopping bags exclusively for special occasions.

This is a great way for brands to show the customers their innovative and creative sides and retain a place in their minds constantly.