3 Things to Look for in a Shopping Bag Logo Before Purchasing the Reusable Shopping Bags With a Logo

Human activities have critically damaged the ecosystem and have put our Earth on the edge of destruction. We do not much care for the resources we waste, the energy we use in excess, the pollution we create, and the garbage we dump. For instance, despite the fact that there are evident disadvantage of using plastic based products, our retail store owners don’t even think for a second about the environment before giving away a number of polythene bags to their customers each day.

If you are a shop owner who, like many others, cherishes Nature and does not want to spoil it, you may start using reusable shopping bags with a logo for your business. These designs are easily available both online and offline. You can even customise the advertising message as well as the colour and size of the cotton-made sack before purchasing it. Go for a medium or small size if your shop is in a town but, if you own a chain of stores in a big cosmopolitan city, large size is more suitable, as it will let you pack a large amount of purchased grocery. For colours, natural light shades are good, as they can serve as apt backgrounds for the emblem and can also symbolise your motive of saving the Earth.

However, there are other important things you need to take into account while buying these eco-friendly shopping carriers. Here are three important things your desired product must have.

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• The sack should promote the message of love for Nature, using some images of trees or natural objects or taglines, such as “Save Your Planet” or “Do not use plastic bags.” The logo must clearly and powerfully tell the world that you are a lover of Earth and want your customer to be the same.

• Make sure that no harmful solvents have been used for printing the emblem. Ask the seller about the type of ink. It is preferable to use water-based inks, as water does not cause damage to the environment. Solvent-based inks, by contrast, can cause pollution. Your main objective of purchasing this item will be ruined if you end up with the same pollution you have avoided by not using plastic bags.

• Last, yet the most important, point is that the shopping bag logo on your purchased product is basically for marketing your retail business. So, despite all your love for nature, you can’t ignore this prime purpose of these sacks. There must not only be the name of your store or mall on it but also some advertising message, either through a tagline or an image.

By Rusty