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9 Keys to Shopping Centre Marketing

9 Keys to Shopping Centre Marketing

Retail investment property and particularly shopping centres are all about the customer. When the tenancy mix and shopping centre marketing is designed around the customer, you get better sales and happier tenants. This leads to a well performing retail property that helps the landlord’s investment portfolio.

Landlords and Property Managers for retail property should think about generating sales before they think about generating rent. When this is done, you get the right priority in property performance and happier tenants. In the end result the property will be a better performer all-round for all concerned.

There are a variety of ways to reach the customer for your retail property. Importantly you should be reaching them every week in many ways so that retail business strengthens. The most effective advertising campaigns for retail shopping centres are launched through multimedia channels, using print, internet, TV and radio broadcast. Send out clear messages and creative copy around the shopping seasons.

Some ideas for media use include:

Premium advert positions in newspapers, such as the comics, food section, TV guide and stock pages. These newspapers must be relevant to your customer.

Overhead mall signage or roadway signage promoting the property. You must change this signage frequently with seasonal impact and sales changes.

Create a website for the property and load up all the tenant profiles and tenant mix. Include a contact capture for online newsletter emails to interested customers. Include a feedback form and the contact details for the property manager.

Shopping bag ‘stuffers and flyers’ from existing sales are a great idea. By giving special offers and vouchers you can always drive back that existing customer for more business later on or across different tenants.

Counter cards and food court cards to give discounts from repeat business. Extend the stay for the shopper by offering a discount on a ‘cup of coffee’.

Large billboards at the corners of major roads in the area should be well selected and frequently updated. The billboards should also be well illuminated for night time impact.

Door foot traffic monitors and counters on all entrance points to the property will help you know just which way people like to enter the property and on what days.

Direct-mail and database marketing in the local and regional demographic is an essential strategy. Your tenants should be able to help create this database by getting the customers to ‘signup’ for future special offers and events.

Radio and television marketing targeting specific segments of shopper on different days of the week is critical to your trade. Recognise the different patterns of shopping that occurs between, young newlyweds, young families, young mums, pensioners and retirees, and empty nesters. They all like to shop differently and at different times.

To help this analysis it is helpful to do some customer surveys over an extended period. When you ask the good questions, you will get the best understanding of the shopper’s needs and choices. The tenancy mix can then be shaped for the future.

The media promotional packages that you buy should be determined by the nature of your promotion and the behaviours of the market that you’re targeting. For example, spring or summer sales promotions may yield stronger results if they’re advertised over radio, since radio listenership increases after winter. Career or job related merchandise may best be sold through commuter billboards or professional publications. Whatever your message you use to promote the property, the means through which you communicate it should always complement your objectives of better sales and a well performing property.

To determine the most effective marketing and advertising channels used, always test and track the response to the media used. Track the response by days of the week, category of retailer, and times of the day. The more ways you can analyse the data, the better the questions you can ask of the marketing that you have undertaken. This helps you make the best promotional adjustments for the future.

You can also track results through direct customer surveys (by asking the shopper, “How did you hear of our promotion?”). You can use ad tracking codes on direct-response mechanisms (a small reference number printed in the corner of the ad) or by making different offers on different media (get a free beach ball with this print ad; mention this radio commercial and receive a free beach umbrella). Remember, it’s not enough to know that 50% of your advertising is working, it’s more important to know which half it is! Repeat the things that work and toss those that do not.

When you market the retail property well, you have a recipe for a great tenant mix and investment success for the landlord. It is that successful tenant mix that brings the customer back.…

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What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Surgery

What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Surgery

Have you ever felt insecure because you think you are not that beautiful? Or have you ever felt so embarrassed because of your misshapen body features? If your answer here is yes, then you are not alone. Insecurity especially about physical look is unfortunately a normal feeling of people who are not satisfied of their god-given physique and most of these are women. They tend to worry about the wrinkles on their face, break outs, age lines, eye bags, dark circle under their eyes, dry lips, brown skin, straight body and the list goes on.

Before, physical flaws are considered a major problem of most women. Thanks to technology nowadays, these problems are now “solved”. Cosmetic surgery came to rescue. So, what are the things you need to know about CS?

The truth is cosmetic surgery is not for all. It is only for those who have extreme problems on their body where surgery is the only thing that can help. This kind of surgery is not recommended to correct slight imperfections. It is a sensitive process where a person will undergo an operation or depends on what ‘needs to be fixed’. Here, creams are still used, but most of the time, surgical or medical instruments and a professional licensed cosmetic surgeon will work. Now, do you have the guts to go through it? If you said yes, then you agreed that you will be altered into something you desired and will change, hopefully for good.

Some of the popular cosmetic surgeries made to correct major imperfections are the following;

Rhinoplasty – in other words, “a nose job”. This procedure involves trimming, decreasing or increasing, modifications of nostril size, and more. Operation last for about 1-2 hours. Healing will take 2 to 3 weeks and a person who has undergone a nose job should avoid doing strenuous activities for the meantime. The good effect of Rhinoplasty will be visible after a year. So, patience is also needed.

Gynecomastia – “boob job for men” is a process in removing female-like breasts. Recovery period will take more than a week and needs a break from any strenuous activities for 3 weeks. This process provides permanent results.

Liposuction – The process of removing fats from the body. This is a very popular procedure for “fat” people who do have money since it is an expensive procedure. The entire process involves sucking the fat out by a tube.

Augmentation mammaplasty – The process of enlarging breasts. The procedure will take 1-2 hours and 3 to 4 weeks for complete recovery. This is popular for women who have smaller breasts.

There are many surgical procedures for various physical imperfections and most of them are expensive. Hence, before involving, take time to think and research. Make sure you choose a trusted and reliable clinic for this. You can research the surgeon’s background as well if that will ease your worries. Medical instruments and Medical equipments also play a vital role here. Visit the clinic you chose and see if they’re using the latest medical instruments and medical equipments. It’s for your own good.…

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Help Save the Environment by Using Reusable Polypropylene Grocery Bags

Help Save the Environment by Using Reusable Polypropylene Grocery Bags

With increased concerns on the environment and the damages that have been done to it, buyers and sellers are embracing the use of reusable grocery bags. This has been the trend in the recent past and many people are quickly adopting it. The business people are offering these bags free to their clients when they make a purchase while other are sold or used for promotional purposes. The demand for these items has increase a great deal and different business people are seeking for a reusable bag manufacturer that will supply these wholesale shopping bags to meet the increasing needs of their customers.

Unlike the disposal shopping bags, the Reusable grocery bags are manufactured in an eco-friendly way and using eco-friendly technology. Since they are made from polypropylene, these bags do not release toxic particles to the environment through the soil or through air. The other advantage in the environment is seen where the manufacture of these reusable grocery bags does not involve degradation of the environment through the felling of trees or release of toxic gases in the air or the littering of the land.

These bags are also useful to the environment as they can be used as many times as possible instead of being used for a short period before being disposed and recycled. Apart from being beneficial to the environment, this factor is also beneficial to the user, as they will save money used in the purchase of the plastic bags. The durability of these bags is facilitated by the fat that the reusable grocery bag manufacturer uses polypropylene, which is wear and tear-resistant.

Apart from these benefits to the environment, the users of these grocery shopping totes are able to enjoy other benefits. With these bags, the users will be able to save money as they can make single purchases of these reusable bags. The users will also enjoy different types of designs, colors and prints that can portray the personality of the users or the brand they like. These reusable grocery bags may also be used for other items within the home to help users avoid spending on other types of bags. Buyers and sellers can find wholesale shopping bags at a great price and this will help them to save the environment from further degradation. The number of the reusable shopping tote manufacturer is increasing and the users are assured of more bags whether wholesale shopping bags or reusable grocery bags.…